Hi, my name is Daiana and I am a model.

My story began when as a child I was complimented on my appearance and told that I could succeed in my modeling career. I became interested in modeling and my mother offered me to take the first step and find a maternal agency for me. My father supported us in everything and was interested in this with us.

I was interviewed in several agencies and chose the best – VannModels. After graduating from modeling school, where I learned photography, fashion shows, acting and much more.Thanks to my model agency I made my portfolio with the best photos! It was a very difficult work, but we coped with it! . And it became the beginning of my first castings, photo shoots, clips, commercials, shows and my first contracts .

After my first contract, which was in India, I became even more aware of how much I love and am interested in modeling. I remember every piece of my job and the emotions I received. My contract was supposed to last only 3 months, but I was so interested in the modeling industry that I extended my contract. I stayed there for 5 months and I had to return home to Ukraine because of a pandemic. But during the quarantine I did not waste time , I did my best to improve myself. I have more sports, healthy food, tenderness and dating in my life that improve my career. I dream of continuing to do modeling, because it’s worth it. I enjoy every momomentvof my work : before, during and after work, and my dream is to conquer large-scale shows and carry with me the excitement of walking on the catwalk, and I also want to experience new images that may be on the set. I am always delighted when I am offered a job.

My dream is to visit every country and work with people who also respect and love everyone in their work.

Creative Director: Nataliia Matvieieva
Photographer: Aleksandr Akatov @aleksandrakatoff
Model: Daiana Katrychenko @vann.mmg
Fashion Designer: Vlada Nazik
Fashion Designer: Anna Grove
Makeup Artist: Anna Kadyrova

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