Daria Belaya

Daria is a young photographer. She is 18 and she was born in a small town in Ukraine.

Since my childhood I  have been a part of art in so many ways: dancing, vocal , hand-made, different types of sport, drawing and poetry. I have always known that I would like to be an artist, architect or a designer. By the and of the school I couldn’t decide. My choice was the department of art. Faculty of photography and visual space definitely caught my attention.

Nowadays, I am a real artist, but with a camera. It is a part of me more that 1,5 years.

By this time, I have tried many styles and genres of photos, found my own style. Managed to work with a large number of people including makeup artists and hair stylists. I have learnt how to work and adjust the light  in the studio. Now I am sure that have already found my own style of processing.

You can find my photos  in the web magazines like Something Different, KODD, RAAMAT magazine.

Most of all, I love the freedom of action in photography, meeting different interesting people, the opportunity to tell a story  through my photos.

My dream is to work with fashion magazines. I want to present my photos on exhibitions, to develop my personal brand and to arouse the interest of society to my view of art.

Photographer: Daria @belaya._.photo


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Mua: Svetlana @pervaya_svetlana

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Location: Ukraine, Melitopol

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