Tatiana Tochelovskaya

Tatiana Tochelovskaya


Fashion photographer from Siberia

What makes you choose this profession?

I really like to discover new sides of people. I’m so happy every time they say: “Oh my God is it me? Is it really me? How cool!! I’m really going to buy an orange lipstick now?”! I like it when my models start loving themselves more after our photoshoot.

Do you remember your first shot? What was it?

I came to a photo studio with two friends. The studio manager just gave me a synchronizer and said: “You have an hour”. I still keep these photos and look at them as if it were a horror movie. It’s such a pain. Thank God it was a tfp photo shoot.

How do you plan a new shoot?

I usually imagine a picture in my head. An idea comes to my mind and I try to describe it in detail to the model and makeup artist. Then I‘m looking for suitable clothes, props and accessories. It’s very difficult, since the final result is visible only to me, it’s in my head. My team relies on intuition and their professionalism very often. And in the end they say: I thought it would be terrible, but it turned out cool!

What’s in your camera bag these days?

Cosmetics, comb, curling iron, because sometimes I do makeup and hairstyle myself. Clips for clothes and for me – some clothes that I’m not sorry to make dirty.

“I like it when my models start loving themselves more after our photoshoot.”

Do you spend a lot of time editing your work?

I try to shoot so that I don’t have to edit a lot. Sometimes my ideas are really complicated, and they need a lot of retouching. But I’m usually very nimble)) Just Shhh

Do you have any problem on the way of your profession? How did you solve it?

My biggest problem is that I always doubt myself. Whether I’m good enough to shoot this idea. Do I have enough experience to collaborate with any magazines? And whether my photos are worth getting on the covers or winning the competition. I’m my own problem and it’s crazy)

Mostly I start to bring the situation to the point of absurdity and reassure myself that if I send my photos to the contest and win nothing, the world wouldn’t collapse)))

“And in the end they say: I thought it would be terrible, but it turned out cool!”

What are your career goals?

I’ve always wanted to work with fashion houses and popular models. To see my photos on the spreads and magazine covers. And I think I’m moving towards my goal))

What advice would you give someone who would like to become a photographer?

First of all, believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t listen to others. Don’t delete the original photos – after a few years, even unsuccessful pictures may turn out to be brilliant)

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