Dreaming in the nature

Photographer: Victor Algarin @algarinphoto
Female Model: Mariana Cortes @marianaacortes @iamincover
Makeup Artist: William Rios @wiliirios_makeup
Wardrobe Stylist: Mariana Gamez Arango @margo_styling

Wardrobe Credits:

EARRINGS: Val Jewerly @valjewerly_
BODY: De Irisarri @de_irisarri
TOP: Guillermo Castro
BLAZER: Guillermo Castro @guillermocastroofficial
BELT: Extension @extension_leatherlab
SKIRT: Papel de Punto @papeldepunto
POLO: Papel de Punto @papeldepunto
SHIRT: Vintage
KIMONO: Guillermo Castro @guillermocastroofficial
RINGS: Val Jewerly @valjewerly_
PANTS: Guillermo Castro @guillermocastroofficial
SCARF: Vintage
JEWLS: Val Jewerly @valjewerly_

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