Movement and mobility

The aim of this test was the clothes produced in New Delhi, India, due to their lightness and comfort characteristics with 100% cotton fabrics (the vast majority), easy to transport. Being ideal for people who need and do not give up pieces that allow greater mobility such as dancers, yogis, practitioners of outdoor sports and who also do not give up good taste and “simplicity in dressing” in everyday life!

The accessories are produced in the same region by residents of rural communities, which generates jobs and income for them and also keeps the tradition of these garments alive, which is also taken into consideration by these consumers!

In this essay designed for Black and White, I would like to invite you to color these pieces with your mind … For you, what would your color palette be? Good fun!

Creative Director: @Brasil100cor
Photographer: Gerson Rubim @gersonrubim
Models: Lalita Bimal @lalita_bimal
Leticia Alves @leticiaalves1105
Jacqueline Matos @jacqmatoos
Assistant: Priscila R @priscillarigo_
Makeup Artist: Erika Mariana @erika_marianamake
Makeup Artist: @Luciene09082016

Wardrobe Credits:
Panton, accessories, skirt, dress: @indiabeautyofficial
T-shirt: @brail100cor

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