Lena Zashchitina

Lena Zashchitina is one of the best photographer of Russia. She lives in Moscow and has publications in fashion magazines, interviews, exhibitions.

I have an art education. In the past I have done painting and interior design. Being a photographer is about developing endlessly, growing, learning and competing with yourself. I love to travel, take pictures and paint nature.

You are one of the best photographer in Russia. Tell us what makes you choose this profession? Did you have any problem on the way of your profession? How did you solve it?

Motherhood helped me to believe in myself and make my hobby a profession. My son is my first model. This is how I became a child and family photographer. I wanted to capture family happiness. When I was experiencing problems in my personal life, I was interested in the wedding and shooting love story. In these shootings, I was looking for answers to the questions: what is love between a man and a woman, how people find their happiness. Having found the answers, I wanted to develop further. And the world of fashion and beauty opened up for me.

How do you plan a new shoot?

It all starts with an idea of ​​what mood I want to convey. What color, light, texture? I am looking for a location and a model, working on the image, makeup, hairstyle, location, set design and accessories I prepare references to show the team members what will happen in the end.

What’s in your camera bag these days?

My camera canon and the Favorite 50 Lens is a classic lens for all occasions. Lots of batteries and memory cards. Glasses for special effects.

Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

Portrait of a son dressed as a king in a landscape of Greece. I like the atmosphere and unusualness of this picture.

Do you spend a lot of time editing your work?

I always try to do light and natural retouching. Sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes half an hour. if you need to remove unnecessary objects in the frame, straighten your clothes – it takes a lot of time.

You have visited many countries. Which one is your favorite?

I love France very much. I have done a lot of filming in this country. And it seems that there is a certain atmosphere, light and mood. The photographs are magical.

What are the differences between working as a photographer in different countries?

There is very strong competition in Moscow, there are many clients and many photo studios. But photographers work on their own, they do not belong to agencies, as in Europe.

What are your career goals?

I want to develop further and be better than now.

What are your upcoming projects / trips?

I really want to work with modeling agencies in Paris.

What advice would you give someone who would like to become a photographer?

Do and not be afraid. Believe in yourself! Only faith in yourself can help you become better. Develop your awareness and taste. Study painting, design. Do what inspires and nourishes you with energy and love.


Photographer: Lena Zashchitina @photolenza (www.photolenza.ru)
Make up artist and Hair stylist: Olga Solovyeva @muah_olga
Model: Kolchin David @kolchin_david
Stylist and accessories: @setme_design
Suit Zara
Jacket Zara


Photographer: Lena Zashchitina @photolenza (photolenza.ru)
Make up artist and Hair stylist: Olga Solovyeva @muah_olga
Model: Alyona Kolchina @ef_effy
Set Stylist and accessories: Lena Zashchitina @photolenza
Suit and dress Zara

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