Victoria Zolotovskaya

Photography is a special “message” for me, a way to convey something without words. After all, there are some emotions that cannot be described. Subtle vibrations read only by the senses.

I always try to convey sensuality. This is a key word, which I think is seen in every work of mine. I like the depth with a slight touch of melancholy, so most of the pictures have minor context. And I also like femininity, not vulgar, with a delicate fine line.

Now I am focusing more on psychology in photography. I’m interested in a new, deeper and more conscious level of shooting. After all, being able to catch a connection with an unfamiliar person is the highest degree of professionalism. This greatly affects the “weight” of the picture. Its fullness and naturalness.

Photographer: Vika @zoloto_v_sky

Model: Olya @loveisdeclared

Location: Bali

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