Ksenia Ezhova

Ksenia is a photographer from Saint-Petersburg (Russia).

Before diving into photography I was a professional dancer for 15 years. During this time I managed to be in a dance crew, participate in battles and shows, be a mentor and coach.

Along with that I tried to shoot my friends but I did not take it seriously.

2020 turned the whole world upside down and quarantine has put my dancing on hold. Lockdown made me stop and think about my future plans.

I had a lot of ideas waiting to be implemented and finally decided to take them seriously and start learning the art of photography. I decided to let myself go and it drove me crazy.

When I saw the first result I came to a point I want to change something in my life and to do photography for a living. Since then my priorities shifted. I completely immersed in photography, art direction and video projects while dancing remained as a hobby. 

April 2020 (coinciding with the beginning of the lockdown) can be considered a start of my photographer career.

So, why do I love it? Mastering photography, I learn to catch details, see the world from different perspectives and strive for the great shot in each given place and situation. I learn to see a beauty in a moment and also can create that moment.

Photographer:  Ksenia @ksusha_scrfcz

Models:  Ksenia @ksenyachechernova, Olya @olyakeks, Kseniia @strangenius, Polina @polinara_art, Polina @_pollinessa_, Anna @anna_velichkina, Bogdan @_bagi

MUAH: Natasha @likemeseptember

Stylist: Ksenia @ksusha_scrfcz

Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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